Winter Weddings

Let’s face it everyone wants a spring or summer wedding. Longer hazy days and an outside ceremony can seem very appealing.

With the British weather so unpredictable that summer dreaming could turn out to be the worst summer day in history! Or not, it really is 50/50

Now I do love a winter wedding, not only is everyone not expecting a perfect sunny day but the short days and long nights are so full of the perfect ambience.

A log fire and 100’s of candles and fairy lights give the perfect setting for a cold day and colder nights, especially if there is a log fire out an outside fire pit.

Not to mention if you choose December most venues will have a Christmas tree and some parts of the venue already decorated giving even more to the celebratory atmosphere. Nothing beats a luxury foliage garland filled with fairy lights or a full-on heavy floral table.

If you want to be full-on traditional with warm reds and greens or the ice queen Elsa winter weddings have that special ambience and glow that a summer wedding will never capture.

Although summer weddings are beautiful in their own right, I still love the glow a winter wedding holds.

Take a look at these pictures for some winter wedding inspiration.